Is about having fun talking with and supporting the local gaming community. We take pride in what we do. Everyone like to have a bit of fun we chose to play games and share our experience with you.  If you have an app, video, or mini game would like us to test and/or do a video on reach out to us. We will post a video a weekly starting on the Thursday Dec 15, 2016. If you request a video will will upload that as soon as we can and respond back you to email letting you know it was posted.




Streaming Help Tips

(1)      We highly recommend keeping everything as simple as possible. from you gamer tag to the mane of your stream or face book page. Its best if you use the same name for all. This will allow for your viewers to find you easily on the web

(2)      Keep in mind when buying equipment you don’t have to have the best or the newest equipment out on the market you just need that which works best for you and your setup.

(3)      When it come to to stream software it really is personal preference. Some people prefer x-split others Obs. Each one offers the same result but each also has different features to them. Then main difference is that one cost and the other is free.

(4)      Lets talk about the bots. just like the streaming software there are a lot of bots out there. you just have to find the one or two that work for you and how you run your stream. Do not get to caught up in the bots because keeping up with them all can be a bit much while you trying to stream. People come to watch you play games and to talk not for the bots you use.

(5)      When it come to mods you really want to use bots to control your chat and not allow you chat to control the channel. You can not stop everything with bots. If someone gets past your bots you can always worn them in the chat to stop. If the do it after that I would not stand for it and set a time out or a ban depending on what it was they said.


I hope this has been helpful to your stream. If you need Help getting started you can always ask. Just shoot us an email to


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