Game Reviews


We will be posting new game reviews weekly. We will be reviewing Free games as well as the big title games. If you want a game reviewed send a E-mail to Paul. When he get your email he will e-mail you letting you know when the game will be reviewed.


A Greate online Game. Good offline storie play. Only thing wish the storie mode was longer. I really like how you the weapon stats are leveled out in PVP. Then in Iron Banner PVP it is more based on you rank.


Classic Arcade style game play. Online play only the more friends you get to play the better the game play is. I would recomend that you have a 4v4 or more for best game play.



A classic game on pc that has came over to Xbox. I picked it up for free with xbox games with gold. It has been ne of the best games that they have released on games with gold. Agin this is one of those thats best with 4 or more playwers.


An outstanding game. This is one of the games that nomatter where you look you will have a hard time finding a used copy of the game. The contrals are a little corky but once you go throw are few stages you will find that its not that hard to get used to.