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Last week's Xbox Live Arcade release Rez HD was destined to be a hard act to follow for many gamers. But if you're not into that sort of thing, you may find yourself at home with this week's release: the strange "puzzle game with a poker twist" Poker Smash is due to land for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Here's the feature list:

  • Innovative gameplay: Match-three gameplay with a twist. Create poker hands and form chains to rack up the big score.
  • Seven game modes: Intense game modes include action, timed, puzzle levels (55 of them), practice, custom playlist, split screen head-to-head, and multiplayer tournaments.
  • Multiplayer experience: Two-player offline and multiplayer over Xbox LIVE® is featured.
  • New leaderboards: In addition to the traditional leaderboards, Poker Smash features never-before-seen rivalry tracking and even movie recording with shared playback.
  • Immersive environment: The next-gen 3-D graphics feature eleven different highly detailed environments and background themes, coupled with thirteen new original soundtracks for play.

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